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Spring 2014 Masterclass and Recital 55 @ 4F
Recital 55
(must attend 5 out of 6)

February 14 – Danos Theater
February 21 – Talbot 215
March 28 – Danos Theater
April 4 – Danos Theater
Monday, April 14 – Danos Theater (NASM Recital)
May 2 – Danos Theater

(see instructor for location and grading questions)

January 31
February 7
February 28
March 7
March 14
April 11

Click here to download the Recital 55 form (must be completed and submitted by noon on the day before the performance)

Retention Guidelines
  • All music majors enrolled in a studio lesson must perform a board exam during finals week at the end of each semester. The requirements are specified in each course syllabus according to level of study.
  • At the completion of the fourth semester of study, all music majors must take the barrier exam, which will determine continued study at the junior level. This exam consists of an expanded board exam plus a self-study piece.
  • One year after graduation, the Department of Music will ask each alumnus to complete an online survey regarding his/her current address; current job title, location and teaching responsibilities; and suggestions for improving our degree programs. In subsequent years alumni who participate in LMEA District VII Large Ensemble Festivals, hosted by the Department, will be asked to update their current information and make suggestions.
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