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Is Nicholls Online right for me?

Take this 12-question survey to assess your potential success in an online learning environment, and find out if Nicholls Online is right for you.


Online-Learning Survey


1) I have access to a computer and Internet.

2) I am not intimidated by using technology applications for learning.

3) I am comfortable using a computer for basic word processing, accessing the Internet and sending/receiving email.

4) I am able to upload/download files from/to my computer.

5) I can open and listen to audio files and view video video files.

6) I have strong time-management skills and am able to meet deadlines and keep track of assignments.

7) I am able to stay on task without direct supervision.

8) I am able to learn without face-to-face interaction with others.

9) I am able to learn from reading text and assignments.

10) I have good reading and comprehension skills and can follow written instructions.

11) I can easily express my ideas, comments and questions verbally and in writing.

12) I am adaptable and willing to adjust to schedule changes.

Enter your contact information. Your score will be emailed to you.

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