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Dr. Travis “Pete” Lewis Jr.

Faculty/Staff Headshots Spring 2012 Day 1









Associate Professor

When you hear stories about Dr. Travis “Pete” Lewis Jr., he seems more like a fictitious character on E.R. than an assistant professor at Nicholls State University.

Lewis once delivered a baby through a car window. Because the car door could not be opened, Lewis was lowered through the window while someone held him up by his heels. He successfully delivered the baby on the floor of the automobile.

That was not his sole act of heroism. Lewis also helped save more than 400 lives when working as a nurse at Pendelton Memorial Methodist Hospital in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

But Lewis is not disappointed when he enters into the calmer and less traumatic atmosphere of the Nicholls classroom. He enjoys his interaction with students in clinicals.

“When a student grasps a complex concept or successfully completes a clinical procedure and gains self-confidence, I feel that I have greatly enhanced this student’s ability to grow and advance,” Lewis says.

When Lewis isn’t teaching or saving lives he enjoys his family, and being “PawPaw.”

B.S., Mobile College; M.S.N., Medical College of Georgia; Ph. D., University of Southern Mississippi

Courses taught:
NURS 381 — Nursing and the Childrearing Family

Contact information:
308 Betsy Cheramie Ayo Hall
Phone: 985.448.4722
E-mail: pete.lewis@nicholls.edu

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