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Q. What types of nursing programs are offered at Nicholls State University?
The Department of Nursing at Nicholls offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing four-year degree. Students complete a licensing exam administered by a state board of nursing. If the student is successful on that examination, the student is then licensed as a registered nurse in the state which sanctioned the licensing exam. Additionally, an LPN to BSN and RN to BSN articulation program are available. Nicholls is very happy to announce the new Master of Science in Nursing degree program.

Q. Are there any opportunities for the LPN, Diploma RN or associate prepared nurses to pursue a BSN degree?
Absolutely! Special articulation curricula and policies exist to facilitate LPNs and RNs earning a BSN degree.

Q. Why Nicholls?
Nicholls prides itself on its academic excellence, personal attention given to students and overall family atmosphere. Here you have all of that plus the opportunity to become a practicing nurse; a vital entity in health care! Why go any place else?

Q. What are clinicals?
Clinicals are invaluable learning experiences in which students provide and/or manage direct patient care. The clinical component is the cornerstone of providing the practical nursing knowledge and experience that reinforces the instructional theory. Students are prepared prior to the clinical experience in state-of-the-art simulation labs, along with computer-assisted instruction. The department maintains contractual agreements with numerous health care agencies where clinicals are conducted including hospitals, home care agencies, public health units, specialty facilities and out-patient facilities. While every attempt is made to conduct these clinicals as close to the Thibodaux campus as possible, venues throughout the Nicholls service area are used to provide the most beneficial clinical learning experiences for students.

Q. Who are the faculty?
The nursing faculty members are highly experienced in clinical nursing practice and focused on providing the highest quality learning experiences for our students. The faculty members are here to engage the student in learning. Creative presentations, lectures, discussion, PowerPoint presentations, Moodle and interactive on-line courses all enhance instruction. No complacent instruction allowed! The nursing faculty is a close-knit group working for the common goal of educating our students to become stellar nurses. Many of the faculty members have worked together in previous health care settings before coming to Nicholls to teach together in nursing. That’s good for us and you!

Q. Are there extra costs for nursing students?
There are expenses unique to the nursing program over and above the University expenses. Our student handbook describes the expenses as well as policies unique to the program. Please visit the student handbook on the Web.

Q. Can I get in to the nursing program?
The word is competitive! Of course, the admission criteria must be followed to a “T”. Any student wanting to enter either program of study must meet the admission requirements of Nicholls and make an additional application to the program of study. You must know that meeting the minimum requirements for admission does not guarantee admission to the program. GPAs are higher than ever, and to be competitive in the admission process, your GPA needs to be sound. TALK to an ADVISER! For more details, see Admissions Procedures and Admissions Criteria.

For more details, please visit our student handbook for the BSN program.

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