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Driving a different car to campus today? You can now download and print an application for a temporary parking permit. Just fill out the application with your information and the information of the vehicle that you will be driving. Bring your application to our office and we will give you a temporary permit. Each temporary […]

Not in Thibodaux? Enjoying a nice vacation? You canĀ  apply for your parking permit from the comfort of…wherever you are! Complete your parking permit application on-line beginning June 4, 2014. Click here to open permit application form June 4 through July 13, 2014 you can only fill out the application on-line and have the permit […]

WHERE DO I PARK? COMMUTER STUDENTS During Hours of Restriction, Commuter Students may only park in parking lots, including lots near Barker Hall and at the Stadium, with a proper permit displayed. Commuter students may also park on any campus street marked with gray or unpainted curbing with a proper permit displayed. Students attending night […]

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