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Nicholls Online vs. Traditional Nicholls

Nicholls Online

  • Completely online instruction
  • Broken into 8 week terms
  • Can take a max of 9 hours per term
  • Only degree offered – Associates of Science in Safety Technology
  • Some coursework that will go toward the other two degrees can be taken through Nicholls Online, but the degree cannot fully be earned strictly online.

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 Traditional Nicholls

  • Courses are taught in class and online – In class courses (PSET and SATC courses only) are offered in the 7/7 format (which will work for 14/14 too).  A student basically has to attend class once a week. For 14/14, the student will watch the lectures missed online while he/she is offshore. Lectures are recorded and uploaded to the internet.
  • Broken into traditional semesters – 16 weeks
  • Can take a max of 18 hours per semester
  • All three degrees are offered through this format


*Students can NOT be enrolled in Nicholls Online courses and traditional Nicholls courses in the same semester.


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