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The science departments hosted Louisiana Region I Science Olympiad on March 2.  Faculty from the Departments of Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Applied Sciences and Nicholls students supervised most of the events.  Dr. Darcey Wayment, asst. professor of Chemistry, served as tournament director.  Winners are posted at http://www.nicholls.edu/scienceolympiad/winners.html

Chad Young, associate professor of physics, presented “Screencasting in College Physics” at the national meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers in January 2013. http://www.nicholls.edu/phsc/aapt/

Jim Baker and Darcey Wayment received an award of $1000 from the Fourchon Oilmen’s Association in December 2012.  The money will be used to develop a “Chemistry Road Show” that will be presented to area high school students.  This program will introduce Junior and Senior level students to a Chemistry Laboratory experience to find out […]

Jim Baker, Glenn Lo and Darcey Wayment received a donation of equipment worth $2,200 from Vernier Software and Technology in January 2013.  The mini-spectrometer (for measuring the emission and absorbance of light) and the mini-gas chromatograph (separates  molecules) will be used to develop a “Chemistry Road Show” for area high school chemistry students.

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