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Linpeng He, a Nicholls chemistry major, won the best overall chemistry poster at the recent meeting of the Louisiana Academy of Sciences.  Chao Dong also presented in this category with students from all over the state.  One judge noted, “Nicholls’ students shined” in their presentations. Great job Linpeng & Chao!

Nicholls students in Chem 405 attended PittConn in New Orleans last week (March 12th). Shown left to right are Chao Dong, Dr. Wayment, Alex Rivere and Linpeng He. Not pictured is Dr. Chauvin, who also accompanied the group. The students are shown overloaded with goodies and appear to be in a daze after observing the […]

Chemistry professor, Dr. Uttam Pokharel, recently published his work in organic chemistry in a prestigious international journal, Nature Communications.  Check out his paper here.  Also, see this article in LSU’s Daily Reveille.

 Ciera Duronslet, 2010 chemistry graduate of Nicholls, recently won the LSU TA Scholar award for outstanding work as a graduate teaching assistant in the Organic Chemistry Laboratory. Ms. Duronslet is working towards a PhD and is currently carrying out her dissertation research with George Stanley at LSU.

Dr. Vincent Sichula and his undergraduate research students, Mi Chen and Jonathan Ross attended the Louisiana Organic Chemistry Symposium on 11/22/2013 in Baton Rouge at Louisiana State University (LSU). Mi Chen presented a poster and Jonathan Ross gave an oral presentation. The symposium was an excellent venue for the students to present their research and […]

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Vincent Sichula received $ 10,000 funding for a proposal submitted to the Pilot Funding for New Research (Pfund) competition, entitled “Synthesis and Molecular Design of Metal Free Organic Dye-Sensitizers for Solar Cells”. The grant is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and is administered through the Louisiana Board of […]

Assistant Professor of Physics Kaisa Young is the lead investigator for a recently funded LaSpace grant:  “Legacy of the Spitzer Space Telescope: Star Formation in Perseus.”  Dr. Young, along with collaborator Dr. Chad Young, will use infrared observations of the Perseus molecular cloud to study the process by which low-mass stars form. The project will […]

Chad & Kaisa Young, professors of physics, presented at NealFest: Observing the Universe from Molecules to Galaxies  held at The University of Texas at Austin on April 24-27, 2013.

Undergraduate chemistry students are invited to apply for a Spring research internship at Oak Ridge National Lab & other national labs.  Interns will work on cutting edge projects with the best scientists in the world.  Students also receive a stipend ($2000/month), a housing allowance, and have a wonderful time in the Smoky Mountains. More info […]

Ormet Primary Aluminum Corporation, located in Burnside, Louisiana is accepting applications for a Laboratory Technician. Applicants should have an undergraduate degree and a background in chemistry. Starting salary is ~$20/hour + benefits. Contact Tami Diez Templet at 225-474-1645 or Tami.Templet@ormet.com for more information.

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