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Faculty and Administrative Staff Salary Increase

To: Faculty and Administrative Staff
From: Stephen T. Hulbert, President

At its meeting in August, the Board of Supervisors approved the University’s request for a salary increase for faculty and administrative personnel at Nicholls. However, the implementation of that increase, and the resulting release of the annual letter of appointment, was delayed by my action until fall enrollment numbers became final with the fourteenth class day.

Late August enrollment figures indicated the potential for a significant FTE decline against budget projections. That decline has not materialized, in part due to the extraordinary effort of involved faculty and staff.

Enrollment at Nicholls is down slightly by 70 FTE or 1 percent against fall of 2002. The total enrollment is 7262 against 7332 a year ago. On the surface the decline appears to be in first- time and continuing freshmen. On the positive side, the average ACT score is up by 0.17 from 19.33 to 19.50. This represents a 0.9% increase, which is a significant accomplishment and reflects a planning initiative within the University’s Recruitment Plan.

More detailed analysis regarding fall enrollment will be shared in the near future. The real purpose of this correspondence was to announce the decision to proceed to implement the salary increase for faculty and administrative staff. Eligible employees will see this increase in their October paycheck or direct deposit figure.

The faculty plan calls for pay raises averaging 2.2 percent, 0.55 percent was across the board, 0.55 percent was to close equity gaps in comparison with regional averages, and 1.1 percent based on merit, as evaluated by department heads and deans. All faculty hired by January 2002 are eligible for the increase.

The increases for unclassified administrative staff average 2 percent. Similarly, the funds were distributed across the board (0.5 percent), for equity adjustments (0.5 percent), and merit (1 percent) based on recommendation from vice presidents, in consultation with each individual’s supervisor. To be eligible, employees must have been hired by July 1, 2002.

Please know just how sensitive I am to how modest these increases are for the affected faculty and administrative staff. Together we will work to correct that situation in future years. In the meantime, I commend you each for your dedication and hard work in making Nicholls State University the fine institution that it is today.

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