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Documentation of NSU Policies, Procedures, Assessments and Activities

TO: NSU Administrators, Faculty, Staff
FROM: Stephen T. Hulbert, President

In an effort to collect and organize documentation that will be submitted as evidence of compliance with the SACS principles of accreditation, please adhere to the following procedure:

Forward to Laynie Pizzolatto, via email or disk, the following documents originating from your office or from any committee(s) which you have chaired. The documents should be in electronic format word document, pdf file or hyperlink. If only hardcopies are available, please assist Laynie in converting them to electronic format by retyping them in Word, or by scanning them. As a last resort, if you do not have the resources to convert hardcopies to electronic format, then send the hardcopy to Laynie 101 White Hall.

1. Electronic copies of all future forms, policies and procedures, handbooks, manuals.

2. Electronic copies of all future official minutes of meetings. On minutes indicate where hard copies of distributed handouts or attachments may be found.

3. Electronic copies of all current policies and procedures.

4. Electronic copies of all current forms.

5. Electronic copies of your most recent five year program reviews.

6. Electronic copies of any minutes of meetings for past three years, if available.

7. Electronic copies of any documents that show evidence of continuous improvement of University programs and services.

8. Electronic copies of currently used manuals, handbooks, or guides developed by your office.

9. Electronic copies of any other documents you believe should be archived for future reference and accreditation purposes.

These documents will be organized and placed on the M drive in the new admins folder as read only files. All University personnel will have access to these files.

The intent is to have an electronic system for categorizing and archiving all important communications and documents that impact our University activities and operations.

Your cooperation in this massive endeavor is greatly appreciated.

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