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Campus Operations Improvement Recommendations

To: Members of the University Community
From: Stephen T. Hulbert, President

During the Spring Semester 2004, the Campus Operations Committee was created to receive additional recommendations, suggestions and expressions of concern from faculty and staff on how to further improve university services. Attached you will find a copy of the list of recommendations and related issues that were forwarded to me by the Committee. Each vice president was asked to respond to the list of suggestions, implementing change where ever possible, and to report how these matters were being or will be addressed. Our collective intent was to administratively make service improvements where ever possible and to refer issues warranting broader campus participation to the appropriate individual or committee for further study and recommendation.

A wide range of service change have been implemented since receipt of this report. Others are being prepared for implementation or will be so considered as time and resources permit. A copy of the Campus Operations Committee Report, along with the response from each vice president, will be posted on the administrative M drive (Campus Improvement Initiatives) for review by the interested members of the campus community. A paper copy is also being shared with Faculty Senate, the Unclassified Advisory Committee, and the Classified Advisory Committee.

We thank the Committee members for their considerable effort in this process. We especially thank everyone who took the time to make suggestions on how to make Nicholls better. While much progress has been made over the past twenty months, just as clearly, the University has a long way to go in enhancing service. The continued interest and support of everyone in the University community is appreciated as we affect further change.

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