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Addition of new parking

To: University Community
From: Stephen T. Hulbert, President

This correspondence is written to you in the matter of new parking spaces to be added to the University campus. As you may know, the Parking/Traffic Appeals Committee and involved facilities staff have proposed a major project to resurface roads and parking lots across the entire campus and, in some instances, to surface parking lots that are presently only covered by gravel. Finally, it was proposed to add a new 300 vehicle lot on Madewood Drive across from Picciola Hall.

I approved this rather significant project, including that for the new parking lot, even though I carried reservations regarding the required loss of green space. I know that other university community and area residents have shared that concern. As the architects began to lay out the proposed parking lot, my own reservations again surfaced. Late last week, I cancelled the use of the Madewood Drive green space and asked involved staff and T. Baker Smith, the project architects, to locate alternative sites where approximately 300 spaces could be added.

I have now received and approved proposals to add a parking lot between Ellender Hall and the Baptist Center as well as to expand parking in the lots adjacent to the College of Business and Shaver Hall. The net effect of this action will add almost 300 spaces while protecting the remaining green space at the front of the campus.

I have authorized this change and requested that staff continue to implement the parking lot and road surfacing project in order to begin the year long campus-wide project early this fall.

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