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Financial Contingency Planning

To: The University Community
From: Stephen T. Hulbert, President

Through previous correspondence I have shared information regarding requests from the state for projections of dollar savings that could be made against the current fiscal year budget for Nicholls State University. While the University has not received any further information in this mater it is clear that contingency planning must be put into place in the event actual budget reductions are put into place.

I am using this means to notify faculty, staff and students alike that existing savings initiatives are being reviewed while others being considered for implementation. As the likelihood of significant budget cuts grows day by day, I am requesting that the Expanded President’s Cabinet begin meeting to conduct a thorough review of financial contingency planning within the University.

The Expanded President’s Cabinet is composed of the following:

  • Stephen Hulbert
  • Carroll Falcon
  • Larry Howell
  • Eugene Dial
  • Lionel Naquin
  • David Boudreaux
  • Mike Davis
  • Mike Delaune
  • Sharon Daigle
  • Stephanie Caballero
  • Linda Peltier
  • Mike Naquin
  • Susan Roark * President, Faculty Senate
  • Damian Breaux * President, SGA
  • Michelle Caruso * Chair, Unclassified Staff Advisory Committee
  • Sue Aysen * Co-Chair, Classified Advisory Committee
  • Judy Landry * Co-Chair, Classified Advisory Committee

I am using this means to ask all areas of University operations to reduce discretionary spending wherever possible. I am also inviting every community member to suggest efficiency measures which might lead to actual dollar savings. Suggestions should be submitted through the appropriate area Vice President or the Provost.

Until the state government, including the legislature, concludes its work with regard to the current financial challenges facing Louisiana, state agencies, including the public colleges and universities, will operate with considerable uncertainty. The longer delay in acting the less flexibility the University has in meeting any imposed budget cuts without affecting the academic program.

Through the hard work and support of all Nicholls State University community members, we will successfully move through this period of uncertainty and financial challenge. In doing so, our collective effort has to be focused on protecting the integrity of the institution and its academic programs.

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