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University Emergency Preparedness Plan

To: The University Community
From: Stephen T. Hulbert, President

Lessons learned during and after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita will result in a much more detailed university emergency plan. The plan will address threats of natural and manmade disasters. Included in this review is preparation for the upcoming 2006 hurricane season. It is the intent of the university to revise its policy to allow for closure in time for students, faculty and staff to safely evacuate. Prior to June 1, 2006, the beginning of hurricane season, the university will electronically distribute to all students, faculty and staff, an updated campus plan for this hurricane season. The plan will address timely notification, evacuation, and procedures for maintaining communication throughout an emergency as well as any recovery period. The plan will also be posted on the university’s web page, which can be located at http://www.nicholls.edu. Should the university’s web page become inaccessible, the emergency plan can be accessed at http://emergency.nicholls.edu.

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