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NCAA Division I/IAA Athletic Certification

To:The Nicholls Family
From: Stephen T. Hulbert, President

Every ten years the intercollegiate athletics program of all Division I/IAA member institutions of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) must undergo a certification review. The athletics program at Nicholls State University is scheduled to begin the self-study process this fall with a final certification decision being made by the NCAA in February 2008.

The actual timetable for the certification review process is as follows:

  • Orientation – September 21, 2006
  • Self-Study – October 2006 * April 2007
  • Self-Study Submission – May 15, 2007
  • Initial NCAA Review – June 2007
  • Campus Evaluation Visit September – December 2007
  • Final Committee Review and NCAA Decision – February 2008

An integral part of the certification review involves a year-long self-study conducted by a Steering Committee, the composition of which is broadly representative of campus constituencies.

The composition of the Nicholls State University Athletic Certification Steering Committee is as follows:

Allayne Barrilleaux, Assistant V.P. for Academic Affairs (Chair)
Robert Bernardi, Director of Athletics
Glenn Antizzo, Associate Professor of Government
Louise Bonin, Senior Women Administrator/Associate Athletic Director
David Boudreaux, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Michele Caruso, Dean of Student Services and Director of University Counseling Center
Sharon Daigle, Internal Auditor
Judy Daniels, Dean of Student Life
Al Davis, Dean of University College
John Doucet, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
Robert Galinsky, Compliance Coordinator, Department of Athletics
Heather Gamble, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee President
Becky Pennington, Assistant V.P. for Institutional Advancement
Debbie Raziano, Alumni Director
Arrianna Smith, Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education
Cyril Djoukeng, Student
As President, I consider the athletic program certification process and, more specifically, the year-long self-study initiative to be a high priority. The affairs of the intercollegiate athletic program must be open for review to the University and broader communities.

The Steering Committee has the authority to look critically at the University’s intercollegiate athletic program and related services, to make recommendations for institutional improvement and to speak on behalf of Nicholls to the NCAA and its peer-review team.

Ultimately, all of us at Nicholls share responsibility for the athletic program. The self-study process permits us the opportunity to affirm the positive aspects of intercollegiate athletics and to seek to identify and resolve any aspects of that program requiring attention.

I will communicate with the University community as the certification review process moves forward.

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