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Presidential Resolution Diversity Week 2006

WHEREAS, Nicholls State University recognizes that individuals from throughout the state, nation and world have contributed to the development of the university community; and

WHEREAS, Nicholls State University has embraced DIVERSITY as a core value in the 2006-2010 Strategic Plan; and

WHEREAS, the university community is committed to respecting differences among members of society by providing a nurturing and tolerant environment; and

WHEREAS, the university has adopted the goal of promoting a diverse university community to provide an enriched and challenging educational experience;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that I, Stephen T. Hulbert, as President of Nicholls State University, do hereby declare that October 23 through October 29, 2006 as Diversity Week at Nicholls State University; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the university remains committed to Diversity as a core value which guides the institution in its activities; and,

FINALLY, BE IT RESOLVED that all members of the university community are encouraged to attend Diversity Week activities.

Stephen T. Hulbert
Nicholls State University

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