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Virginia Tech University Tragedy

Dear members of the Nicholls family,

I know that all of our thoughts and prayers are with the administration, faculty, staff, students and the entire Virginia Tech University extended family in the aftermath of yesterday’s tragic events. The pain and anguish caused by these actions will affect thousands of people for years to come as they work to understand why this situation occurred.

I am sure that other higher education leaders across the country have been taking time to review procedures to ensure that everything is in place in the event a similar act were to occur at their respective institutions. I want each of you to know Nicholls is prepared to respond to a variety of emergency situations as demonstrated by the university’s response to the alleged student kidnapping that occurred Thursday, April 12.

Through this medium, I again commend Nicholls university police officers for their timely and professional conduct during that investigation and apprehension. Also, be assured that senior administration and university police will continue to update the university’s crisis and emergency plans as necessary to insure the safety of our faculty, staff, students, and campus visitors.

Virginia Tech, like Nicholls, is noted for its caring attitude towards students and its commitment to providing a quality educational experience. Although I know with time that Virginia Tech will recover, my prayers are with them as they work through these trying times. I urge you to continue to keep them in your prayers as well.

Stephen T. Hulbert

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