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House Bill 199, Concealed Handguns on College Campuses

Last week, House Bill 199 passed out of the Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice by a vote of 11-3.  Representative Damon Baldone supported that action, which places this legislation on the House Floor.

Previously, I joined my presidential colleagues in a resolution in opposition to HB 199.  To my knowledge, no Louisiana college or university chancellor or president supports this measure.

We do not oppose the right of the individual to carry a registered concealed weapon, but we strongly believe that no one but law enforcement personnel in the pursuit of their responsibilities should be armed on a college or university campus.

At Nicholls and elsewhere across the state, effort has been made to enhance safety and security systems, including specialized training for university police.  We believe. that in the event of a crisis situation, trained law enforcement personnel should handle the situation.

Please contact your House member to express your concern over HB 199 and the presence of concealed handguns on the Nicholls campus.


Thank you.

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