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Budget Reduction Plan 2009-10

TO: Faculty,  Staff, and Students

Yesterday, Nicholls State University submitted its Budget Reduction Plan for 2009-10.  Since this was a “planning exercise” to be completed over a very short period of time, we did not provide the state with specific programmatic or personnel changes required to meet the 15.8 or 28.5 percent planning strategies.  Simply stated, no final decisions have been made by the state or at this level.

When the state has made a final decision, I will share more detailed information regarding this plan with you, and also offer an opportunity for communication with and input from the entire Nicholls community to finalize the plan.

I have already shared information across the university community to help individuals and groups to express concern over the proposed cuts.  Additionally, I have composed a letter to the editor that has been sent to regional print and electronic media.

Please know that I do appreciate the wide array of suggestions regarding budget cuts or efficiencies that I am receiving from faculty, staff, and students.  I appreciate your patience and consideration as we continue to work through this stressful process.

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