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Opening of the University and Initial Enrollment Assessment

TO: Faculty and Staff

RE: Opening of the University and Initial Enrollment Assessment

I want to thank faculty and staff at all levels for the concerted effort put forth to open Nicholls for fall classes. The arrival of thousands of students to the residence halls and classrooms almost all at once creates a challenging situation.

There are always problems in the reopening of a university for the fall semester. However, what I so very much appreciate is the positive attitude and enthusiasm of so many faculty and staff in trying to make this opening as smooth as possible.

According to preliminary enrollment data for fall 2011, the academic caliber and commitment of students at Nicholls is increasing.

Retention of first-time freshman students is 70 percent, exceeding the GRAD Act requirement of 68.1 percent. Moreover, the average ACT score for first-time freshman students is 21.7, exceeding the national average by 0.6 points and the Louisiana average by 1.6 points.

Total enrollment is expected to be down 200 students from fall 2010, but that is consistent with projections.

Several factors have contributed to the preliminary enrollment figure, all of which indicate compliance with the state’s higher education goals.

Nicholls students are progressing toward their degrees faster, as evidenced in the increased number of graduates for the last three years, the highest number of graduates per year in the school’s history. Also, data indicate a fall 2011 enrollment increase of more than 200 students at Fletcher Technical Community College. The total enrollment shows that Fletcher and Nicholls are working together to ensure access to all students in the region.

We will release more specific enrollment data and analysis once the information is available.

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