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Category Archives: 2008 – 2009

To: The Nicholls Community Two weeks ago, I shared summary information on the damage that would be caused to Nicholls State University by either an additional 28.5% or 15.8% reduction in state funding. While I believe that it is unlikely that these draconian reductions will become a reality, I do believe that some additional cuts […]

To: Nicholls Community The University of Louisiana System office will submit its 2009-2010 proposed budget reduction working document and those of its eight member institutions to the Division of Administration on Monday, February 9, 2009.  I want to give the Nicholls campus a preview of the working document submitted to the University of Louisiana System. […]

TO: The University Community The university community is beginning to feel the results of the mid-year budget cuts on programs and services.  As I said at Faculty Institute, as well as in conversations with the student, staff, and faculty leadership, while we are seeing the impact of those cuts, we are also seeing new spending […]

TO: Faculty,  Staff, and Students Yesterday, Nicholls State University submitted its Budget Reduction Plan for 2009-10.  Since this was a “planning exercise” to be completed over a very short period of time, we did not provide the state with specific programmatic or personnel changes required to meet the 15.8 or 28.5 percent planning strategies.  Simply […]

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