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Category Archives: 2009 – 2010

TO: The University Community As I welcome faculty, staff and students back to the campus for the Spring Semester 2010, each of us remains keenly aware of the financial challenges that continue to plague Louisiana and, more specifically, its two and four year colleges and universities.  In late December of 2009, the state announced yet […]

TO: The University Community For some weeks now, I have wanted to write the university family to address the several issues and rumors surrounding the work of the Louisiana Postsecondary Education Review Commission (sometimes referred to as the Tucker Commission). Unfortunately, addressing this matter is very much like “picking up a porcupine.” One tries for […]

TO: Faculty and Staff FR: Stephen T. Hulbert, President Recent articles in the Times Picayune and USA Today have called attention to the 6-year graduation rates of Louisiana universities citing data collected by CABL and Education Trust. The articles also discuss the state’s newly proposed funding formula which incorporates graduation rates as major criterion for […]

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