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General Family and Consumer Sciences (Child, Family & Social Services)- Bachelor of Science Degree


Many families struggle with unemployment, marriage, divorce, remarriage, aging, caring for elderly or disadvantaged family members, child abuse, violence and other stresses of daily life. The Nicholls child, family and social service program prepares students to help individuals and families cope with life’s difficulties.Graduates of the program are prepared for careers in public and private agencies. The curriculum combines general education courses with specialized courses in:

  • family studies,
  • child development,
  • professional practice,
  • nutrition,
  • resource management,
  • psychology and
  • nursing.

The department cooperates with area service agencies to provide students with hands-on experience working with children and families. Students are also required to complete a one-semester supervised internship at an approved site. Typically, internship experiences are done in hospitals, nursing facilities, hospice care, child abuse prevention and intervention programs, family support services, government agencies, court programs, local schools and mental health centers.




Career Opportunities

Family Resource Center

Family Service Center

Student Achievement Data


Dr. Jessica Fanguy

Dr. Betsy St. Pierre

Dr. Kimi Reynolds

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