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Psychology – Bachelor of Arts Degree


Is the glass of water half full or half empty? Are men and women really from two different planets? How much does a person’s environment affect his or her behavior?

The Nicholls psychology program helps students delve into the human psyche to explore what makes individuals both unique and alike.The program is designed to provide a strong foundation for students who wish to pursue advanced degrees in psychology or related areas upon graduation or to provide a strong liberal arts education that can be applied in a variety of fields.

Courses, which combine lectures and hands-on experiments in campus laboratories, focus on psychological knowledge, skills and research. Students learn about the development and structure of personalities, disorders associated with the nervous systems and their effects on behavior as well as diagnosis and treatment of abnormal behavior. The curriculum also focuses on research design and methods related to human and animal behavior, career planning and psychological testing for intelligence, attitude, achievement and personality.

Graduating seniors are required to present a senior research project and pass local and national examinations.


Program Structure

Degree Requirements

Degree Plan (PDF)



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