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Group Exercise

Group Exercise classes are included in your membership to the Recreation Center. Please follow the steps to sign up for your desired class:

  • Stop by the Customer Service Desk in the Recreation Center to obtain a class pass. The class pass is required to reserve your spot in your desired class. Each class pass will be available at noon the day before the start of the group exercise class and you must obtain a class pass for each class you wish to attend.
  • You need to agree to a waiver. You will be asked to agree to a every time you sign up for a class.
  • Bring your class pass with you to your desired class and hand back to the instructor. Members will not be admitted into the class five minutes after start time, even if you have a class pass.

Due to the Easter holidays and Spring Break, there will be NO evening classes Friday, April 17th. Please see schedule below.

Spring Break Schedule

April 17th

12:05pm            Colonel Core

April 18th-NO Classes

April 21st-NO Classes

April 22nd

5:15pm              Bodypump

April 23rd

5:15pm              Bodystep and Bodyflow

April 24th

12:05pm           Yoga

5:15pm              Zumba

April 25th

12:05pm           Core

5:00pm            Bodypump


Spring 2014 Schedule 


12:05pm           Yoga-Jenny

5:15pm              Bodyflow-Nicolle

5:15pm              Zumba-Kendall


12:05pm            Colonel Core-Nikki

5:00pm              Barre-Andie

5:15pm              Bodypump-Shelli


5:15pm              BodyFlow-Nicolle

5:15pm              BodyStep-Amy

6:30pm              Bootcamp-Ashley


12:05pm            Yoga-Andie

5:15pm              Zumba-Kendall

5:30pm              Bodypump-Shelli


12:05pm            Colonel Core-Nikki

5:00pm              Bodypump-Shelli.

*Schedule is subject to change.


Class Description
  • Yoga is a 60 minute Hatha flow designed to give you mid-day stress relief while enhancing your flexibility, strength and balance. Participants must bring a yoga mat. Instructor: Andie and Jenny
  • BODYFLOW is a combination of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi that builds flexibility and strength leaving you calm and centered. Participants must bring a yoga mat. Instructors: Nicolle and Terresina
  • Colonel Core is 30 minutes of abdominal shredding and back strengthening. Instructor: Nikki
  • Zumba is an easy to follow, Latin inspired, calorie burning, dance fitness party! Instructor: Kendall
  • BODYPUMP includes low weight loads and high repetition movements, so you can burn fat, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle. Instructors: Shelli
  • BODYSTEP uses a step and simple movements on, over and around the steps. Cardio blocks push fat burning systems into high gear followed by muscle conditioning tracks that shape and tone your body. This isn’t your grandma’s step class! Instructor: Amy
  • Barre is a 45 minute total body workout using ballet moves to lift your seat and tone your thighs. Instructor: Andie
  • Bootcamp is a 1 hour class that is for all levels of fitness. Using timed segments this class allows you to push yourself to your own limits. Instructor: Ashley Adams
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