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Alma Mater & Fight Song

Nicholls State University
Alma Mater
All hail to thee, our Alma Mater,
We raise thy glorious name on high.
The echo of thy spirit rises,
And fills devotion’s cloudless sky.
To thee we pledge our loyalty
Through all the years that are to be.
Hail to Nicholls, Alma Mater,
Our hearts are thine and thine shall be.

Nicholls State Colonels
Fight Song
Go, Colonels, Go!
We are behind you all the way.
Fight, Colonels, Fight!
We’re on the top and there we’ll stay.

Win, Colonels, Win!
You’ve got to win this game today.
Big Red, fight for victory
‘Cause we’re behind you all the way!



Page updated November 2012

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