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Legislative Branch

There are several Senate vacancies to be filled. If you are ready to serve as a voice for the students, don’t hesitate to visit our office for an application today.

College of Arts and Science Senators (5 seats)

    DSC_7176 Sarabeth Theriot 

DSC_7272       Yaye Ba 



DSC_7248 Lawrence Arceneaux, III



gus   Gus Lujano



DSC_7281 Evan Villemez

      Graduates Senators (3 seats)

 not_available_iconAnne-Laure Janicotnot_available_iconTiffany Lefort


College of Business Senators (4 seats)

 DSC_7232 Meah Johnson 


DSC_7103  Les Theriot



branden  Brandon Polkey



DSC_7121   Josie St.Pierre


College of Education Senators (4 seats)

sara   Sarah Zeringue


not_available_iconChante’ Singleton



not_available_icon Fallon Authement



not_available_icon Grant Ordoyne

College of Nursing and Allied Health Senator (4 seats)


meghan  Meghan Hanley  



dane Dane Vizier, Jr.


not_available_icon Lindsey Loupe 

Freshman Senators (5 seats)


Senators-At-Large (9 seats)


DSC_7363 Trey Clark 

DSC_7115  Adam Doucet


DSC_7135  Markos Picou

DSC_7072  Brendon Gros 

                    Veterans Affairs (1 seat)


University College Senators (5 seats)

**To contact your senator, click a name above to send an email.

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