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Legislative Branch

There are several Senate vacancies to be filled. If you are ready to serve as a voice for the students, don’t hesitate to visit our office for an application today.

College of Arts and Science Senators (5 seats)

    SGA Headshots 2014 Sarabeth Theriot (WebTech) 


Yaye Ba Headshot 2013        Yaye Ba 



SGA Headshots 2014 Lawrence Arceneaux, III


DSC_7281  Evan Villemez

      Graduates Senators (3 seats)

 SGA Headshots 2014 Anne-Laure Janicot 

Tiffany Lefort Headshot 2014    Tiffany Lefort




College of Business Senators (4 seats)

 SGA Headshots 2014 Meah Johnson


SGA Headshots 2014  Les Theriot



SGA Headshots 2014  Brandon Polkey



SGA Headshots 2014   Josie St.Pierre


College of Education Senators (4 seats)

SGA Headshots 2014   Sarah Zeringue 

SGA Headshots 2014 Chante’ Singleton



Grant O Grant Ordoyne

College of Nursing and Allied Health Senator (4 seats)


SGA Headshots 2014   Meghan Hanley  



Lindsay Loupe Headshot 2014   Lindsey Loupe 




not_available_icon Lindsay Gauthreaux

Freshman Senators (5 seats)

not_available_icon  Peyton Chiasson

not_available_icon  Emily Sauce

not_available_iconAustin Wendt

not_available_iconTommy Thibodeaux

not_available_icon Charles Johns

Senators-At-Large (9 seats)


SGA Headshots 2014   Trey Clark 

Adam Doucet Headshot 2013  Adam Doucet


SGA Headshots 2014  Markos Picou

not_available_iconHarlie Dominique

                    Veterans Affairs (1 seat)


University College Senators (5 seats)

not_available_icon Patrick Zeringue not_available_iconBlake Whitehead 


not_available_icon Justin Beech




**To contact your senator, click a name above to send an email.

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