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Student Rights & Grievances

Student Government Association
Director of Student Rights & Grievances

Hello Colonels!

Welcome to a new year at NSU! My name is Carolanne Moore, and I am tremendously honored to serve as your 2014-2015 Director of Student Rights and Grievances for the Student Government Association. I am charged with the responsibility of being your voice and your connection to the administration of our university. I am to proud serve and represent the thousands of hardworking students of Nicholls.

I am ready and willing to fight and solve any of the issues that come through my office throughout the year. I want to ensure each and every student that the proper administration will be contacted and that all concerns will be handled efficiently and effectively. Every concern will be held respectively and with the highest confidentiality.

All students are welcomed and encouraged to stop by my office regardless of the concern. Every suggestion is important to the growth of this university that we call our own. Please do not hesitate to stop by my office, give me a call, or send me an email. Whether you have a suggestion concerning academics, campus safety, student life, or personal matters, I am here to assist you. The Student Government Association is here for YOU, and we work to make certain that you have the best possible experience as a student of Nicholls State.

In the Spirit of our Alma Mater, I wish you all an enjoyable and successful year! Go Colonels!

Best Regards,

Carolanne Moore
Student Government Association
Director of Student Rights and Grievances


Do you have a grievance or concern? If so, please click the link below.

Submit Your Grievances Here!

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