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Student Rights & Grievances

Student Government Association
Director of Student Rights & Grievances

Hello Colonels! My name is Peyton Chiasson, your Director of Student Rights and

Grievances for the Student Government Association here at Nicholls State

University. It is truly an honor to represent the outstanding students here at this

university and my duty to serve all of you with my full dedication. My responsibility

is to protect and defend all of your student rights. My goal is to make certain that

everyone has the best and memorable college experience possible. I will account for

all grievances that are brought forth to my attention, and I will effectively and

efficiently take the proper action to resolve these issues.

I have an open-door policy, and I am welcoming you to visit my office for

conversations about any grievances and/or concerns that you feel may need to be

addressed. I am here to serve you for anything from a campus concern to an

academic or personal issue that may arise. I will always be here to listen.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Please feel free contact me or stop by my

office at anytime and maybe share in a cup of coffee. As stated by Gandhi, “The

future depends on what you do today,” so take action and make your voice heard!


Peyton M. Chiasson

Director of Student Rights & Grievances

(Office) 985-448-4561

(Cell) 985-414-5016




Do you have a grievance or concern? If so, please click the link below.

Submit Your Grievances Here!

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