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Q. Will I be teacher certified immediately after graduation?
Not immediately after graduation. After the appropriate paperwork is completed and sent in to the Louisiana State Board of Education, a temporary teaching certificate is issued, pending the Louisiana Assistance and Assessment Program. After the graduate has passed state assessment, teacher certification will be issued.

Q. Am I required to do a portfolio in the BFED curriculum?
Yes. Candidates are required to submit two portfolios. The first professional portfolio (Phase 1) is submitted in the practicum field experience. The second professional portfolio (Phase 2) is submitted in the student teaching field experience.

Q. Am I required to complete two field experience semesters in the BFED curriculum?
Yes. Candidates are required to complete a practicum internship as well as a student teaching experience.  During the practicum internship the candidates rotate through four field experiences including Home-Based shadowing, a Birth to Three facility, a prekindergarten classroom, and a Kindergarten classroom.  During the student teaching experience, the candidates remain in a kindergarten classroom throughout the entire semester.

Q. Am I required to take the Praxis exam in the BFED curriculum? If so, which Praxis exams am I required to take?
Yes. BFED candidates are required to take Praxis I (PPST) and Praxis II – Three specialty areas:  Early Childhood PLT (#0621),  Special Education Core Knowledge and Applications (#0354), and Elementary Education (#0014).  See your advisor for Praxis information or see Praxis information.

Q. Are there any scholarships available for BFEI majors?
BFED and CDAS majors may apply for the Louisiana Pathways Scholarship. Louisiana Pathways pays the tuition of eligible early childhood majors. Visit the scholarships page for more details.

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