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Q. What can I do with an associate degree in child development and preschool management?
You may teach in a child care center, serve as a teacher I in Head Start, teach as a paraprofessional in the public school system and open up a child care center.

Q. Do I take the PRAXIS exam in the CDAS degree program?
Yes, all parts of PRAXIS I (or ACT 22 or above) is required for the CDAS degree program.

Q. When I complete the associate degree, may I obtain a bachelor’s degree?
Many candidates continue with a bachelors degree in birth to five/early interventionist education at the completion of their associate degree. The BFED degree program is a 2 + 2 program. The associate degree provides the candidate with two years of credit toward the BFED degree.

Q. What type of teaching experiences do I obtain in the CDAS degree program?
Candidates in the CDAS degree program teach lessons to preschool children in the Generations Teaching Generations Preschool. Candidates also complete observations with preschool children. At the completion of the degree program, candidates complete a practicum experience in a pre-kindergarten classroom in the public school system.

Q. Who is the CDAS adviser?
Dr. Elizabeth Block in 239 Polk Hall.

Q. Are there any scholarships available for CDAS majors?
CDAS and BFED majors may apply for the Louisiana Pathways Scholarship. Louisiana Pathways pays the tuition of eligible early childhood majors. Visit the scholarships page for details.

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