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Learning Resource Center

0123-learning-center-04.jpgThe Learning Resource Center, located right beyond the Polk Hall entrance on the Quadrangle side, is a resource center for students and in-service teachers. This mini-library is a repository for books, films, videotapes and other source material related to teacher preparation. A professional collection of subject-related items, such as manipulatives for math, science and special education, is also housed in the LRC. The computers in the center contain a variety of educational software programs found in Louisiana’s PreK-12 classrooms.

0123-learning-center-01.jpg Numerous technology resources are available to teacher education students, including the following:

  • 15 computer stations (Dell360 and GX270 models),
  • five Sharp scanners,
  • one travel case: laptop and projector (available for off-campus use with state required form),
  • one portable projection screen,
  • two digital camcorders,
  • two digital cameras (still shots),
  • four computer carts with laptops and LCD projectors,
  • one opaque projector,
  • one laminator,
  • one copier,
  • three printers,
  • one music component system (boom box) with CD player, tape player and dubbing and radio,
  • one tape player/recorder,
  • two computer stations with scanners for education students’ extended hours use on nights and weekends in the Ellender Lab and
  • rolling computer lab with 25 laptops.

A special form is required in advance to reserve any state equipment for off-campus for use.

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