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Angela Hammerli

copy-of-_su_7103.JPGDistinguished Service Professor of Education, Orleans Pitre Endowed Professor and Associate Professor of Human Performance Education

Angela Hammerli already has plans for her 75th birthday. She will crack open a diary of her adventures that she has never read since she wrote the entries in the 1970s. It promises to be anything but a boring read.

Hammerli, wearing a dress she designed and crocheted herself, married Ed Hammerli in 1972. The two then hitched a ride to St. Louis where they hitch-hiked to Chicago, obtained visas and then flew to Europe. Once overseas, the couple hitch-hiked through Amsterdam before visiting Sicily, Israel, Beirut, Lebanon, Istanbul, Turkey, Hong Kong and Singapore. Hammerli most vividly remembers the Taj Mahal and East Indian dancing in India and the Western Wall in Jerusalem from her journey. The world travelers then settled down for a year in Australia.

Hammerli has now camped in all but five states and belongs to the Louisiana Hiking Club. She also knits, crochets and teaches couples/ballroom dancing. She is most proud of her two sons Nathaniel, a snowboard instructor in Vail, and Walt, a former varsity soccer player and graduate of the University of West Florida.

For the last 33 years, Hammerli has been happy to report to her job teaching health and physical education at Nicholls State University. She also serves as chair of the Nicholls Artists & Lectures Committe and coordinator of Jubilee Festival of the Arts and Humanities.

“Friends tell me that when they see me bicycling to school, that I am bouncing with happiness,” Hammerli says. “The students are generally in good spirits, sincere and dedicated, and I still keep up with many of my past students.”

Nothing stops Hammerli from getting involved on campus and in the community. In June 2006, she developed a dance project in Plaquemines Parish. Local dancers joined hundreds of others performing along the Mississippi River from Lake Itasca in Minnesota to Hammerli’s site at the Woodland Plantation in Plaquemines Parish. The national project was designed to bring attention to the environment, the art of dance and community spirit.

Through a $817,000 U.S. Department of Education grant, Hammerli is currently working with Lafourche Parish teachers to integrate art into their regular classrooms.

B.F.A., Stephens College; M.A., University of Missouri

Courses taught:
FNAR 105 – Arts in Education
H&PE 270 – First Aid

Contact information:
131 Shaver Gym
Phone: 985.448.4273
E-mail: angela.hammerli@nicholls.edu

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