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Portal I: Admission to Foundations Core

0123-integrated-learning-02.jpgIn order to enroll in EDUC 250, EDUC 251, PSYC 206, PSYC 210 and PSYC 220, candidates must have:

  • successfully completed the following courses with a C or better:
    • MATH 101
    • ENGL 101 and 102
    • A social science or history;
  • completed or co-registered in SPCH 101;
  • earned a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5;
  • earned a minimum of 30 semester hours applicable to a degree (NOTE: Candidates who have maintained a 3.5 overall grade point average and meet the above course requirements may enroll in EDUC 250 with less than 30 semester hours);
  • completed an Application for Entry to Teacher Education;
  • completed a Verification of Eligibility Form; and
  • earned a composite score of 22 on the ACT or passed Praxis I with the following minimum scores:
    • Reading: 176
    • Writing: 175
    • Mathematics: 175

Students who have passing scores on only two parts of Praxis I or who passed the general knowledge or communication skills component of the NTE prior to Sept. 1, 1999, may be qualified under the 10 percent rule and placed on conditional status.

  • The number of candidates eligible for admission under the 10 percent rule will be determined by taking 10 percent of the total number of candidates enrolled in all sections of EDUC 250. — Introduction to Elementary and Secondary Education.
  • Candidates must meet all other criteria required for admission to Foundations Core.
  • Candidates in the 10 percent pool will be ranked by overall grade-point average.
  • Candidates admitted under the rule remain on conditional status and are so notified.
  • Candidates who have earned 75 semester hours or more and are still classified on conditional status will be counseled out of the teacher education program.
  • Candidates admitted under the rule are not permitted to enroll in any additional professional courses in the next or any succeeding semesters until they attain a passing score on both sections of the NTE or Praxis equivalent required for admission.
  • Candidates must have 2 parts of Praxis I passed.
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