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Portal III: Prior to Clinical Practice

1109-education-demo-room-08.jpgIn order to enroll in student teaching and EDUC 456, 458, 465, 467, 473 and 489, candidates must:

  • have earned an overall grade point average of 2.5,
  • have earned a minimum grade of  C  in all courses required for the bachelor’s degree and/or teacher certification,
  • currently not be on probation or conditional status,
  • have achieved passing scores on all sections of Praxis II required for State of Louisiana Teacher Licensure (certification),
  • have earned a score of Acceptable or better on the Professional Portfolio (If the portfolio is scored Unacceptable, the candidate must meet with evaluators before resubmitting. If the second portfolio submission is Unacceptable, the candidate may resubmit in a subsequent semester only with permission from the Admission and Retention Committee.) and
  • have completed a Verification of Eligibility Form.
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