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Portal IV: Exit Clinical/Exit Program

1216-grad-features-pm-04.JPGIn order to successfully exit clinical and exit program, candidates must:

  • have earned an overall grade point average of 2.5,
  • have earned a minimum grade of  C  in all courses required for the bachelor’s degree and/or teacher certification,
  • have attended all mandatory student teaching seminars,
  • currently not be on probation or conditional status,
  • have successfully completed Teacher Work Sample and Student Teaching Portfolio (If the portfolio or work sample is unacceptable, the student must meet with evaluators. If the second portfolio submission is unsuccessful, the student must meet with the Admission Retention Committee.),
  • have earned an S (satisfactory) in student teaching,
    • have submitted a verification form for 180 teaching hours,
    • have submitted verification form for 60 hours of direct observation and
    • have earned satisfactory ratings on evaluation forms (Louisiana Components of Effective Teaching) completed by supervising teachers, university coordinators and principal and
  • have completed a Verification of Eligibility Form.
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