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Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana

Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana, known as A+PEL, is a statewide organization with more 7,000 members. It was formed in 1987 to create a focus on excellence in education and to advance the recognition of teachers as career professionals. A+PEL is dedicated to making Louisiana a better place for teachers to teach and students to learn.

Students are given opportunities to interact with a statewide network of professional educators to learn about various career opportunities and preparatory programs offered in the field of education. It also provides professional growth opportunities and enable students to connect with other education majors in their school and throughout the state.

A+PEL is open to all education majors.  Students are encouraged to join their freshman year.

Being a member of  A+PEL has the following benefits:

  • A+PEL scholarships and grants available to pre-service teachers
  • First year of professional membership dues available at a reduced price
  • Free professional development workshops provided to members
  • Louisiana-based organization
  • $2 million professional liability insurance and corporal punishment claims
  • Mentors available to pre-service and first-year teachers


Additional information about A+PEL can be obtained at http://www.apeleducators.org/.

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