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Kappa Delta Pi

Kappa Delta Pi is an international honor society in education committed to recognizing excellence and fostering mutual cooperation, support and professional growth for educational professionals. The society recognizes scholarship and excellence in education, promotes the development and dissemination of educational ideas and practices, enhances the growth and leadership of its diverse membership, fosters inquiry and reflection on significant educational issues and maintains a high degree of professional fellowship.

To be selected as a member of Kappa Delta Pi, a student must:

  • be majoring in education,
  • maintain a 3.0 overall grade point average and
  • have earned second semester sophomore status.

Dues are $37.

New Nicholls Kappa Delta Pi members are inducted every fall at an annual banquet. The chapter usually meets once a month. Members decides on an educational project to be implemented during the fall and spring semesters.

Other member benefits include:

  • staying current on educational practices and issues or capitalizing on publishing opportunities with KDP’s award-winning quarterlies;
  • connecting with a large network of peers, experienced teachers and renowned educators at award-winning regional and national conferences;
  • saving time and money in scholarships, grants and discounts;
  • accessing educator-approved resources at KDP Online; and
  • career and employment assistance online and in print.

Carmen Dantin, President
Georgia Galloway, Vice President
Megan Villemarette, Secretary
Pamela Varrett, Treasurer
Shelly Lambert, Foundation Chair
Jade LeBoeuf, Membership Chair
Kristie Luke, Historian

For additional information, contact Dr. Lisa Lauer, Kappa Delta Pi counselor.

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