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American College Testing (ACT) and ACT Residual Testing

American College Testing offers the ACT test several times during the academic year.  The ACT exam is administered at Nicholls on the following dates:

October 25, 2014
December 13, 2014
February 7, 2015
April 18, 2015
June 13, 2015

Registration for the ACT test is done online at www.actstudent.org.  The site also provides information on test preparation.  Typically, the test is given in Peltier Hall (campus map).  Parking is available on Madewood and Ellendale Drives near the building and in several parking lots across campus.  Arrival, identification, and seating of examinees begins at 7:45 a.m.  Students should bring valid photo identification, admission tickets issued by ACT, pencils, and a calculator (see calculator rules).  Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed in the test center.  Standby testing is available, but only for a limited number of students.  For information on standby registration please visit www.actstudent.org/regist/standbytest.html.

Students are eligible for course credit in English and/or mathematics if their enhanced ACT scores are sufficiently high.  Students receive credit in:
-ENGL 101 if they score 28 or higher in ACT English
-ENGL 102 if they score 32 or higher in ACT English
-MATH 101 if they score 23 or higher in ACT Mathematics
-MATH 102 if they score 27 or higher in ACT Mathematics

Placement based on ACT scores is summarized in the tables below.

Course ACT English Score Required
ENGL 003 1 – 17
ENGL 101 18 – 27
ENGL 102 28 – 31
ENGL 2XX 32 or higher
Course ACT Math Score Required
MATH 002 1 – 16
MATH 003 17 – 18
MATH 100 or 117 19 – 20
MATH 101 21 – 22
MATH 102, 106,
108, 110, or 214
23 – 26
MATH 165 27 or higher

ACT Residual Testing
The ACT Residual is an on-campus program available for participating colleges that wish to administer the ACT to their enrolled, admitted, or applicant students who were unable to take a regularly scheduled ACT test.  It should be noted that a very small number of students take the ACT Residual test each year.  Taking the ACT Residual is an exception rather than the rule.  Students are strongly encoursaged to take the national ACT testThe ACT Residual will be administered on the following dates:

January 14, 2015
May 26, 2015
July 24, 2015
August TBA, 2015

Testing begins promplty at 8:00 a.m. in 212 Elkins Hall (campus map).  Anyone without ACT scores can take ACT Residual; however, the resulting scores are not accepted for TOPS, Praxis, or NCAA initial eligibility.  Only Nicholls receives ACT Residual scores.  No student or high school reports are generated.  The ACT Residual is only used for Nicholls purposes, so scores cannot be sent to other colleges.  Placement score ranges for ACT Residual are the same as those for the ACT national exam listed above.  The cost of ACT Residual testing is $50.   If a student wishes to retake the ACT Residual, the student must wait a minimum of 60 days before re-testing.  To schedule the ACT Residual, students should call 985-493-2596.

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