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July 12, 2005

Tuesday, July 12th, 2005


Mickey Diez, Cindy Andrews, Michele Caruso, Brandie Toups, Lisa Duet and Lydia Boudreaux.


Stephanie Caballero, Bruno Ruggerio, and Charles Ordoyne.

Old Business:

* Letter to the President
o A copy of the letter that Michele Caruso composed was distributed to the committee.
o Attached to the letter were the two policies that the committee had been revising.
* Sub-Committees to address Unclassified Staff Opinion Survey
o Sub-committee reports on the Survey Comments for Salary Compensation and Safe Working Environment were discussed at the June 14th meeting. All other sub-committee reports will be discussed over the next four weeks.
* Constitution and Bylaws
o Continued to write and revise new Constitution and Bylaws.

New Business:

* The date of the next meeting is July 19th.
* Mickey Diez motioned to adjourn the meeting. Lydia Boudreaux seconded the motion.

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