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2014 Mission

The Donald G. Bollinger Memorial Student Union is the community center for Nicholls State University offering activities, programs, services and facilities that complement the academic mission, student development and quality of campus life.

2014 Vision

The Student Union is more than a building. It is a student-oriented community with opportunities for cultural, intellectual, social, economic, and ethnic development. We strive to be a professionally recognized system of people, services, programs, and facilities dedicated to achieving and maintaining excellence in:

  • Promoting unity, loyalty and regard for the campus community;
  • Enhancing the quality of life on campus;
  • Fostering learning and personal development through out-of-class experiences; and
  • Providing necessary and convenient goods and services.
2014 Goals
  • Revise and update rental policy manual for Student Union;
  • Increase programming efforts to enhance campus engagement and incorporation of university traditions ;
  • Further develop marketing pieces to enhance recruitment efforts;
  • Renovate Student Union area previously designated for game room;
  • Investigate feasibility of Student Leader Suite renovation (former racquetball court); and
  • Promote one new green effort in physical facilities.

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Get Connected

There are a variety of Student Organizations on campus from fraternal to faith based, and academic as well. College goes by fast, so make the most of it.



The premier activities programming organization at Nicholls is housed in the Student Union.

For more information or to join, visit us at:


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