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Mission and Goals

Mission: The Donald G. Bollinger Memorial Student Union is the community center for Nicholls State University offering activities, programs, services and facilities that complement the academic mission, student development and quality of campus life.

Vision: The Student Union is more than a building. We strive to be a professionally recognized system of people, services, programs, and facilities dedicated to achieving and maintaining excellence in: promoting unity, loyalty and regard for the campus community; enhancing the quality of life on campus; fostering learning and personal development through out-of-class experiences; and providing necessary and convenient goods and services.

2014 GOALS with Student Outcomes

Goal (1):
Revise and update policy manual for Student Union and related operations.

Strategy: Revise and update manuals: Auxiliary Services Policy and Custodian Training Manual.

Assessment: Electronic and paper documents will be revised. Hard copies will be distributed as needed and on file in unit. Website Updated.

Student Outcome: Students, staff and end users will be informed and have maximum potential for effective communication.

Goal (2):
Increase programming efforts to enhance campus engagement and incorporation of university traditions.

Strategy: Create and implement a promotion calendar of events that fosters collaborative efforts.

Assessment: Surveys conducted to assess student satisfaction and customer future needs.

Student Outcome:  Students and end users will be informed and have increased potential for engagement.

Goal (3):
Further develop marketing pieces to enhance recruitment efforts.

Strategy: Update print and electronic pieces by working with Auxiliary Services Marketing committee and focus group.

Assessment: Electronic and paper documents will be revised. Hard copies will be distributed as needed and on file in unit.

Student Outcome: Students, faculty, staff will see that Nicholls is an optimal choice due to extra conveniences offered and therefore will choose to frequent the Student Union and facilities.

Goal (4):
Renovate Student Union area previously designated for game room.

Strategy: Research current industry technology, equipment and furniture to update current facility.

Assessment: Strategic plan creation. Funding source identified.

Student Outcome: Students, faculty, staff will see additional food options as well as lounge area that is geared at  providing an opportunity for positive experiences.

Goal (5):
Investigate feasibility of Student Leader Suite renovation (former racquetball court).

Strategy: Research current industry technology, equipment and furniture to update current facility.

Assessment: Strategic plan creation. Funding source identified.

Student Outcome: Students leaders will have a premier meeting facility to provide an opportunity for positive experiences and a sense of  ownership.

Goal (6):
Promote one new “green effort” in building facilities.

Strategy: Install LED lighting in two major areas and request to upgrade ballroom system.

Assessment: Equipment installation.

Student Outcome: Reduced carbon footprint.

Additional Student Outcomes:

  • Students will be attracted to Nicholls State University as their school of choice.
  • Students will have a variety of out-of-classroom services and products that are desirable and fit their lifestyle needs.
  • Students will stay at Nicholls and accomplish their academic endeavors.
  • Students will be afforded outstanding services by the Auxiliary Services departments.
  • Students will recognize Nicholls State University and the Auxiliary Services departments with great student satisfaction ratings on the ACT Student Satisfaction surveys.


Types of Assessment

  • Student Union Satisfaction Survey (as a part of the Auxiliary Services collaborative effort each Fall in partnership with Institutional Research)
  • Noel-Levitz SSI results (formerly used the ACT SOS results) – biennial usually.
  • Marketing 485 consultation report (in partnership with the College of Business academic class usually every other year)
  • Flash Surveying (conducted several times a semester with use of iPad and Google Forms)
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey (conducted in follow-up to Student Union events/sent by e-mail).
  • Annual goals and assessment process as reflected above.
  • Focus groups as needed.
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