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Mission and Objectives

University College prepares students for entry into their major area of study. While in University College, students clarify their educational goals in an intellectual setting that fosters independence, delivers quality advising and promotes student adjustment to and involvement in the university community. Additionally, University College supports achievement in basic skills development and takes an active role in the orientation of first-year students.

University College strives to:

  • support students in making the transition from high school to college,
  • assist students needing additional preparation in developing basic skills,
  • offer a strong academic advising program for students,
  • assist students in making informed decisions on choosing degree programs and
  • direct students to appropriate academic support services such as tutoring and the University Honors Program.

University College provides academic advising to students before and during registration by discussion and explaining academic programs, curricula, correct class scheduling and correct course load.

After registration and during the semester, advisors are also available to continue assistance in:

  • preparation for pre-registration and registration of the upcoming semester,
  • absenteeism problems and
  • other concerns.
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