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Voilà!the university’s annual magazine, aims to foster a sense of university pride through stories that reflect the Nicholls mission and values as well as capture the accomplishments and personalities of Nicholls students, faculty, staff and alumni. Voilà! is published once a year with funding from the Nicholls State University Foundation, Nicholls State University Alumni Federation and generous supporters.

The Colonel, the official Nicholls State University alumni magazine, seeks to strengthen the relationship between alumni and their alma mater by informing them of campus happenings, entertaining them with nostalgia and sports, updating them on fellow alumni and engaging them in alumni federation and university efforts.

Facts About Nicholls is an annual publication that features historical university information, as well as current statistics, such as: enrollment, student origins, gender and ethnicity, admission requirements, tuition and fees and housing costs. 
The university’s Strategic Plan 2011-2016 outlines Nicholls’ mission vision, values and goals. The 5-year plan was developed with input from over 400 focus group participants comprised of faculty, staff, students and outside advisory groups.
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