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Flying for commercial airlines was too boring for Nicholls grad Sean Cross. Flying directly into hurricanes is more his speed. As part of the U.S. Air Force Reserve’s “Hurricane Hunters,” Cross conducts risky business to keep coastal residents safe. Major Sean Cross (BS ’94) felt a little nervous. Maybe more than a little nervous. Throughout […]

Drs. Chad and Kaisa Young are professional astronomers, but the circumstances of their story sound more like astrology. The stars aligned in 2000, when Chad, a Mississippian, and Kaisa, a Missourian, met in the graduate astronomy program at the University of Texas in Austin. A faculty member who doubled as a matchmaker for several couples in the program introduced them. Serendipitously, they were both studying […]

Past the deep mahogany-paneled bar, through the opulent dining room lit with crystal chandeliers and into the slightly cramped, sweltering kitchen, Executive Chef Michael Gulotta pan sears a fillet of sheepshead — a local fish often considered trash. Guests might wonder how such an item would make its way into the elegant Restaurant August, Chef […]

As vice president of the ever-growing National World War II Museum, Nicholls alumnus Stephen Watson is out to redefine what a 21st-century museum experience should be. It happens almost daily for Stephen Watson. While walking to a meeting or checking in with the customer service staff, he notices a World War II veteran. On Memorial […]

Dr. Keri Turner is a paragon of freespiritedness and determination. At 19, she began literally roaming the earth, searching for inner peace and truth. Her meandering path brought her from California, where she was hired by Beach Boy Mike Love to tend to his transcendental meditation house — to India, where she taught English and […]

For as long as he can remember, Ross Mullooly has been competing for something. By age 3, he and his sister, Leila, had turned recreational trips to the pool into spirited swim meets. That youthful yet competitive drive eventually led the siblings to state championships with the Vandebilt Catholic High School swim team. During high […]

The Silence of the Lambs inspired not fear but a career path for Dr. Monique Boudreaux, associate professor of psychology. She paid close attention as FBI special agent Jack Crawford, played by Scott Glenn, oversaw FBI trainee Clarice Starling’s journey into the mind of a serial killer. Years later, Boudreaux was among the last group […]

For a glimpse at Deborah Lillie’s multifaceted life, look no further than her office walls. Nearly every inch is covered with family treasures, artifacts picked up during international travel and photographs — lots of artsy photographs taken by Lillie, her students and her admired colleagues. Taped to the ceiling are textured world maps, and leaning […]

Dr. Allyse Ferrara grew up half a mile from a 200-acre lake in Ohio, “knee deep in mud or in the water chasing something,” she says. “Truth is, I guess not much has changed. Her husband, Dr. Quenton Fontenot, doesn’t mind the muddiness one bit. The self-described “good south Louisiana hybrid” spent his own childhood […]

No coat. No tie. No leather briefcase or power-grip handshake. Cooper Collins (BA ’02, MBA ’03) never thought of himself as the CEO type. And even though he has earned the title, he hasn’t adopted the stuffy characteristics that typically accompany it. As president and CEO of Pernix Therapeutics, Cooper does, of course, suit up for big boardroom meetings with investors and […]

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