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On January 14th, 2013 we had a casual meeting with many of our department website editors, the university Website Manager, and staff from the Office of University Relations. The two main topics discussed were about the recent Nicholls Website redesign and changes introduced during the recent WordPress 3.5 upgrade. To give more information for meeting […]

The Nicholls website has been redesigned with a new look based on several months of work and discussion. Although these changes are numerous and affect the website in dramatic ways, the fundamental content of most Nicholls websites should display as before with a new altered look. There are only a few areas that department website […]

This is documentation is meant to cover the basic techniques of uploading and managing media using WordPress. In WordPress – Media is defined as anything that is not written text or HTML content. This means that media content will be the images, PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, video, or other files that would be attached or […]

On Monday January 9, 2012 at 2:00pm we will be meeting in the Bollinger Student Union, Plantation Ballroom for our second annual meeting for website editors who help maintain the Nicholls website. This will be an overview of recent changes and goals for the Nicholls website as well as discussions about issues and requests from […]

I have planned to migrate the core website to WordPress for over a year. This complicated process was completed on May 26, 2011. The website management is the same WordPress software used by many of the Nicholls departments with some additional features to manage multiple websites and caching to increase performance. Eventually I will migrate […]

Many thanks to our Nicholls website editors that were able to attend our informal meeting on January 12th. I have taken the information from that meeting and written a Website Editor Checklist & Notes page where you will find a cleaned up version of the items covered in our meeting. I have also created a […]

Another useful shortcode is used to list posts on any page or post. This can make a list of news stories or articles appear in any place on your WordPress website. This simplest usage above will display a list of the two most resent posts published for your website with the date. This example has […]

The list pages shortcode is designed to allow you to put a list of pages into a page or post. This can create a table of contents to show child pages or a list of child pages for a particular page. The page list created dynamically so the links and page titles should always be […]

The can be used to create build columns which can be more appropriate for displaying content than using HTML tables. These shortcodes have some special attributes that handle creating all the proper HTML needed to create a column that can be displayed properly. Attributes The actually creates an HTML DIV container with all the proper […]

WordPress administrators may have noticed a few changes after WordPress was upgraded to WordPress 3.0. For most Nicholls websites that use WordPress the changes caused no differences other than some cosmetic changes to the administration area. A few websites experienced some problems with older but useful plugins and utilities.  For these websites the solution required […]

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