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WordPress 3.5 Media Management

WordPress 3.5 has changed the interface for media management. These changes may be slightly confusing at first, but using the media management areas in WordPress should be much easier. The important thing to remember is that although the interface has been dramatically altered, the features found in the media management areas mostly remains the same.

Add Media Button To start with, the button to access the media management dialog has been modified into a single button labeled as Add Media. At one time there were separate buttons for different media types and a simple image to click on. Now the Add Media button is a single button that now looks very button-like located above the standard WordPress editor buttons.

The most visible changes you will notice are when you press Add Media and the media dialog appears. In this updated area you will find links along the left to perform specific actions, the center of the dialog where you will see thumbnails or icons representing media items, and the left side area that will show specific properties for selected media items.

Media Overview

Media Dropdown View FilterIn the center area you will initially see all media items. You can select multiple items by holding the shift key and clicking on items. You can deselect items clicking the minus sign. There is also a field for searching for specific media items at the top. A dropdown menu is also provided to help filter the items you see to make things more manageable. Using this dropdown you can view just images, audio, video, or only the media items that were uploaded to the document you are editing.

Media PropertiesSelecting a media item will cause the properties for that item to appear on the right side. The properties and options are the similar to previous versions and you can change the title, alt text, description, and caption as before. In this area you will also find links to edit and delete any media item. One obvious change is the removal of the Save All Changes button. Now your changes to the item properties will be saved automatically. If you want to make sure your changes are saved you can simply click your cursor to another property field and you might see the saved notification appear under the Attachment Details heading.

The Insert Into Post button has moved to the lower right corner, but functions normally. Pressing the Insert Into Post button will insert the HTML to display your media items into the editor area in the location where you placed your cursor before pressing the Add Media button.

Uploading images to the WordPress media library is similar to previous versions. Under the Insert Media heading you find the Upload Files link which will reveal the media upload dialog interface. The interfaces has been modified to compliment the new media manager, but the upload procedures remain the same. You can drag files to the upload area, or you can press the Upload Files button. Be ware that you can upload multiple files, so make sure to select or drag to upload only the files that need to be uploaded to your website.

media-uploadThere are additional options that work with the new interface like setting the Featured Image and Galleries. The Feature Image option is used to set an image as the Featured Image for your content and you featured image may be used by other functions of your website. Custom Gallery options should be functional, but may not be completely functional on many Nicholls websites.

This is a general overview of the updated media management area in WordPress, if you have questions or issues, please contact the Nicholls Website Manager.

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