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ACT Test Scores



What does Nicholls Do With My Test Scores?

We suggest that you take the ACT often to maximize the potential to achieve your  best scores. Schedule your ACT test at www.act.org. Use Nicholls’ ACT code, 1580, when registering to have your scores automatically sent to campus.  Send us all your scores. Nicholls will always use your highest composite and your highest sub-scores for admissions, scholarship, and placement consideration.

Your ACT composite score is used for two purposes:

1. As part of the criteria used to make an admissions decision on your application.

2. To determine your eligibility for freshman scholarships.

Your subscores are used to determine placement in your freshman-level English and math classes. The higher your sub-scores in English and math, the higher your placement. You are also awarded college credit for the courses your sub-scores allow you to place out of. Here’s how it works:


ACT Subscore:             Course Placement

18-27                                    English 101

28-31                                    English 102

32+                                       200-level course based on your major



ACT Subscore:             Course Placement

19-20                                    Math 100 or 117

21-22                                    Math 101

23-26                                   Math 102, 106,108, 110 or 214

27+                                      Math 165


To see the SAT equivalents or  more information on placement, click here.

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