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Student Organizations


Student Organizations:

• Allow you to network with other students, professors and staff.

• Introduce you to special benefits such as scholarships, internships and job opportunities that might only be available to members.

• Look great on a resume’. Employers prefer graduates who have experience working with others and show leadership qualities.

• Add an additional social element to your college experience. You can never have too many contacts on campus.

Campus organizations meet a wide range of student needs. Some are specific to certain majors, some focus on service, and some simply provide social and/or recreational activities for its members.

Check out our organization directory to find something that suits you. For more information or to find out how to start a student organization, be sure to visit the Student Organizations website.


Greek Life:

Joining a fraternity or sorority in college is also known as “going Greek.” It’s a unique experience for undergraduates. All Greek organizations aspire to high standards of leadership, service and scholarship. Membership in a Greek organization is for life, and it opens the door to many rewards and connections during college and long after.

At Nicholls, the greek community is a network of men and women who are often the most involved people on campus. Greeks at Nicholls are known for their contributions to the university, involvement in numerous other organizations, high performance in the classroom and a strong sense of Colonel pride. Plus, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having a huge social network of other students just by becoming a member.

Nicholls has 14 active Greek organizations on campus:


•Alpha Phi Alpha

•Kappa Alpha

•Kappa Alpha Psi

•Kappa Sigma

•Omega Psi Phi

•Phi Kappa Theta

•Sigma Alpha Epsilon

•Tau Kappa Epsilon

•Theta Xi



•Delta Sigma Theta

•Delta Zeta

•Phi Mu

•Sigma Gamma Rho

•Sigma Sigma Sigma


Click here to explore Greek life at Nicholls. Look for opportunities to sign up for Greek recruitment starting June 1.

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