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Student Services


Nicholls offers a number of services, most of which are free to full-time students, making campus life convenient and easy on your wallet.


Career Services helps keep students focused on the future. They host career fairs, post job openings, help create and edit resumes and even offer mock interviews to help you get the job!


The Counseling Center aims to help students adjust to college life. The center offers licensed, confidential counseling to all students, free-of-charge. Whether you are suffering from test anxiety, feeling the pressures of living away from home, or just need someone to talk to, the counseling center is available to make sure your mental wellness stays in check.


Disability Services provides educational accommodations, information on university and outside resources, and advocacy and mediation for students with disabilities. They work closely with faculty and staff to ensure all disabled students enjoy the same academic opportunities as everyone.


Health Services provides convenient medical care for students. You can visit Health Services for acute health problems, medical information and injuries — just as you would your doctor’s office. Issues can either be treated on-site or referred to a local medical provider. Student health insurance is also available.

Note: First-time students must also provide immunization records to this office prior to the start of the first semester.


The Louisiana Center for Dyslexia and Related Learning Disorders serves the community and Nicholls students who have been identified as having characteristics of dyslexia and/or a related disorder. It’s the only one of its kind in the state, therefore, Nicholls students are provided top-notch services and accommodations. Students in all majors are provided support services. Visit the center’s College Program to explore all the accommodations available to you at Nicholls.

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