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Our Mission

The Writing Center facilitates writers’ progress in written expression by consulting with writers about their ideas and how they express those ideas in writing and by helping writers at any stage of the writing process. Our focus is helping students become more confident writers by assisting with the structure and organization of ideas in their essays. Here our mission is to get students to focus on why and how they are writing. While we do give advice on standard grammar and mechanics, the purpose of sessions is to get the student comfortable with the writing process and the development of ideas.

In performing their duties, tutors are afforded a unique opportunity to serve fellow writers and to learn through teaching, one of the most effective ways to learn. In light of these benefits, the Writing Center promotes continued training and avid professionalism among its student and faculty coaches.

As a student service, the Writing Center supports the university’s mission through efforts to promote student learning, to facilitate student success, to assist in student retention and to support institutional evaluation and assessment.

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